Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A day in the life of Eli... Post 2 for July 2

Yesterday Elizabeth spent a lot of time upstairs with her friend Hong Ngoc, and poor Eli spent time as he usually does... trying to pretend something. After a whil,e he got really bored and really upset that their isn't another little boy his age around us to play with. Matt had just left for his daily bike ride. Time for Mommy to think of something quick before he had melt down.

I was looking around my living room, trying to come up with an idea when my eyes fell on one of our digital cameras. We bought this one camera a couple years ago that I hate... it's a Polaroid I-Zone... Takes VERY crappy pictures, IMO. The only good things about it are 1) that it uses the same battery charger as our cell phones , 2) the memory card is the same as my favorite digital, and 3) it's relatively easy to operate. I even lost it for the longest time and didn't really care. Matt ran across it the other day while going through some boxes of techno stuff. I was planning on showing Matt how to use it and letting him suffer with it. 

Can you see the idea light bulb going off above my head? Yup! *Oh Eli! come here, let me show you how to do this!* After a very quick lesson that went a little like this...

*Ok, let me wrap the cord around your arm... you hold it up like this, look through here, and push this button. All you have to do is make sure these little lights aren't flashing and there ya go!*

Eli was off and running. Take a peek into his world... (Explanations below each picture are from the mouth of Eli. Enjoy!)

This is Teddy. I took this picture so everyone knows who I love. He's on the floor taking his special nap. Big Grandpa and Grandma Lex gave me teddy when I was a baby. He's very special.

This is my Mommy. I took it cause she is so special. She is so nice, so kind, so special and I really really really love her. (Mommy is typing here and sniffing. My lil man is so sweet!)

My Daddy's computer corner. He plays VanGuard in it. I love him just as much as Mommy.
Nature is a very important space, so that is why I took this picture. I love nature and Mommy.
My Mommy let me take some pictures of bikes around our building. This is the front tire of my bike. There are a lot of bikes I took many pictures of, but this is just one wheel.

And that's it. *Eli runs off to play.*

I plan on letting Sissy have a shot at the camera and blog here in a day or two... right now, she's sitting on her bed thinking about why it isn't good to pick on her brother and make him mad just cause she's bored. 

By the way It's I Forgot Day. :p Fitting since when I posted the first post for today, I forgot to tell you what the bizarre and unusual holiday for today was! Have a good day!

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