Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow! I forgot to write! :(

OK, so my title says I forgot to write. Well, I didn't forget to write... I've been sick. Usually this time of year, I get some pretty bad allergies, due to the spring weather giving way to Summer and all the trees and grasses and all that blooming. But this year? Nope, this year, the weather sucks. For real. It feels like OCTOBER out there! I had to pull out the kids coats! AND the mountain passes out here just reopened their ski lifts!!!! IT'S JUNE!!!! And as a result of the crappy weather, I was slammed with a bout of flu. 

I really hate the flu. A lot. But then who doesn't? And if there any dads reading... remember, Moms don't stop. We keep going. Until we crash. And when we crash, we crash hard. I don't think Matt realized how bad I felt until the day I asked him to get the kids from the bus stop as I was running to the bathroom. Pretty much all I remember from the rest of that day is hearing him tell the kids to remember that Mommy really wasn't feeling good, so we should be quiet as they stomped the rain off their shoes when they came in from the bus. Oh yeah, and the fact that we won't be making Tuna Helper in this house for a LONG time. (My son is weird... he loves Tuna Helper.)

One of the days I wasn't feeling to good, I walked in the bathroom to run cold water on my face hoping to cool it off. I looked over to my make-up bag and saw the WEIRDEST thing....

A power ranger doing an impression of a mountain climber on my make-up bag. He's still there. And every now and again he changes spots as well as positions. This morning he was hanging upside down by his feet. Once, he was sitting on the space heater like it was a horse. I guess all that climbing is what they do to keep their Power Ranger muscles! Sometimes I wonder about how Matt's mind works. I think though, that as soon as I'm done typing, I'm gonna go hang Mr Power Ranger in the shower... since Matt will be taking his shower for work here soon. hehehehehe!!!

During the last week or so, a few of my friends have lost loved ones. We're keeping you and your families in our prayers. 

As for today's holiday... IT'S HUG DAY!!!! One of my favorite days of the year! Put your right hand on your left shoulder across your front. Now put your left hand on your right hip, across the front. Squeeze tight! There Ya go! Hugs from us!!!!!


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Hilary said...

Poor you!! We know lots of people who've been hit with the flu the last couple of weeks - yuck!!! We had it earlier this spring, so I hope it will pass us over this time :)