Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Day After Father's Day! :P

I know I'm late wishing all the dad's out there a Happy Father's Day, but we were busy celebrating our Daddy, I didn't make it to my computer. But I did think of you guys yesterday! And Matt asked me to please say a special Happy Father's Day to his Dad, Mike. So.... "A special Happy Father's Day to you, Mike! We all Love and miss you!"

I hope you enjoy my pictures today. Sissy had her school concert the other day, and this is the first opportunity I've had to get them into the computer and posted. The 3rd grade learned the folk story about the Magic Moss Covered Rock and did the little musical about it. All the students dressed up in simple costumes of animals. Sissy's group were "Wise Old Zebras."  I found out the Thursday before the concert she needed a costume, and so we went simple. Only the teacher thought it was too simple (Or more likely Sissy thought it to simple and said the teacher did). So she brought the shirt home and I sewed stripes all over the front. I thought I did good... even if her ears didn't have zebra stripes! 

I was so proud of Eli... he had already seen the concert at school, but he still went and sat with Daddy and me during our first time... OK, so he wiggled and danced and had a face making contest with Daddy... it was better than some of the other kids who were running up and down the isles. And the little girl who kept flashing the audience while her big brother sang on stage... Even with his wiggles and dancing and funny faces, Eli did really good! He kept seeing people and waving and doing the red carpet thing... You know "Hi! How are you?! Oh my goodness I haven't seen you since lunch! How have you been? Is this your mom?" My son was silly! 

And then he saw her. Samantha. And my son got tongue tied, and started blushing. And then he hid his face. IT WAS SO DARN CUTE! And when I told him... this is what he and Daddy had to say about it.....

Another thing Sissy's class sang about was sound. The learned about sound waves during science this year, and they made home made instruments and sang a song about those. There are 2 third grade classes at our elementary, and each did their own set... It was cool. Sissy made a flute type pipe thing out of straws. Or rather she designed it and Mommy made it. 

But my favorite part... her class was called up, and she looks out at Daddy and me, and gets this REALLY goofy smile on her face and starts pointing at the little boy next to her. Then she FANNED HER FACE in the CLASSIC international sign for 'Hey Mom! See the dude next to me? I think he's HOT!!!!'  
The rest of the show, that poor little boy kept inching further and further away from her.... I couldn't help giggling, and Daddy asked if we needed to be worried. The kid she thinks is cute is the one in the green shirt. Go figure! Green is her favorite color!

Today is a fantastic bizarre and unusual holiday.... It's fresh Veggie Day! I know with the current tomato scare people are kind of hesitant with ALL the veggies sold, but do what we try to do. We try buying our produce from locals as often as possible. A couple years ago, our valley was decimated by some floods and the farmers were the worst hit. Ever since then, if we can get it from our farmer's market, we do. Also, with the way things are going with gas prices, you help everyone involved... except maybe the big grocery stores. Farmer's markets are usually WAY cheaper than the big stores and the quality of the produce is so much more worth it! And for us, what's even better yet, we live about a half mile from Remlinger's Farm, and they have an awesome year round farmer's market. I got a lot of different veggies the other day for $0.25 a pound! AWESOME! Support your area farmers today. At least then you know where the veggies come from!

OK, so my laptop battery signal just blinked, so I'm guessing it's time for me to say Happy Monday! Love ya'll, miss ya'll, and talk at ya'll later!

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