Friday, May 2, 2008

International Tuba Day? Wow!

*lol* I promise! I looked all over today for a tuba to take a picture. No such luck.

It's also Brothers and Sisters Day. I live in Washington state, and at the moment my sister lives in Rhode Island. To far away to take a picture of my sister. So I tried to take a picture of my kids together. Again, no such luck. I'm lucky they haven't managed to seriously hurt each other today as it is! I forgot how much fighting siblings can do, no matter how much they love each other. Amber and I still have them beat... Neither one of mine have thrown a book causing a busted lip, or chased the other into a door frame causing a cut requiring stitches in the head. I guess that's a plus.
There was one more option. It is also Baby Day. I don't have a baby, and the only friend I have that lives close enough for a photo shot of a baby lives a couple hours away. So my daughter suggested I take a picture of HER babies *the cabbage patch babies*. Of course, can't do one without the other, so my son set up HIS babies *Teddy, Zeke, and Firebilt, his stuffed bears*. So then Matt suggested I take pictures of our other "baby", Oscar, our dog. Oscar however decided it was time to play and refuses to sit still.
I love my two baby pictures from today. But still... I think I'm gonna go hunt me down a Tuba!

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