Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eli's early birthday...

So EliMichael turns ten on Monday. Unbelievable, I know. I mean, ten. Double digits! It's unbelievable! He's my baby! He's the one who still crawls in bed with us just to snuggle if he wakes up before we do. The one who doesn't think it's ok to walk down the main street in town unless he's holding my hand! The one who still loves a trip to the park more than anything! He's gonna be ten!

I asked Eli if I could post a few of my favorite pictures and he gave me this really wary look and said Ok. :) The ones he's afraid of me posting I'm sure I already have. And I'm sure you all have seen most of these already, but oh well.

Ok, as always, before you start the video, scroll down and turn off my music player. And have fun remembering Eli's fun faces and tons of snuggle moments. :)

Make sure you come back to see Sissy's montage on Sept. 5th, and then later when I do one with their birthday celebrations and first day of school. I'll post before then, too. Anyway. I'm babbling. Seeing how fast my kids are growing is giving me a sentimental mommy moment. :)



Cleowyn said...

YAY... cute vid... even though mommies earings and um the tutu... lol those are bribing pictures down the road... lots of super heros through out the vid too... YAY... Happy Birthday ELI!!!

Grandma Connie said...

Happy Birthday Master EliMichael! I've got a present ready for you that I'll get mailed on Monday. The video you're mom made is wonderful. Tell her to make sure she makes one for you every year. Have a super day. Love you lots and lots.