Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekly Update......

You know, I just have to say that God has seriously blessed us this past month. Yes, I know that it started out rough, but in the end... A lot better than it could have been, and for that we are all truly thankful.

Matt was finally able to start work on Wednesday, and while we worried a little that he wouldn't work at all, they let him work Thursday and Friday too. He had today (Saturday) off, and goes to his regular schedule of Sunday through Tuesday and every other Wednesday dayshift, tomorrow. Makes for a LONG week, but we'll be ok. The thing about his shifts is that he'll be switching from days to nights every 8 weeks, I think is what he said. And every year he switches from working Sun-Wed to Wed-Sat. Don't worry if your confused. I'm confused!

The biggest adjustment for me is that in 9 years, I have never spent the day alone. The very few times Matt and the kids went somewhere ad I stayed home, I was working, and even then, those days are so few, I can count them on one hand. Now, every 8 weeks, unless it's a school holiday or vacation, I'll be spending a lot of time by myself. It'll take a little getting used to, but I'll worry about getting used to that starting the 13th... AFTER spring break.

Eli went to the zoo on Wednesday, and as I figured would happen, Thursday he was sick. And Friday, Sissy woke up with a very scratchy throat. So my kids started spring break early, but oh well. We had a jammie day and vegged-out until Daddy came home.

My birthday was awesome. Did ya'll see what they did to my blog? In case you missed it, Eli and Sissy decorated my blog. Sissy made me a beautiful card and my friend Jenn sent me the funniest card! I also spent a couple hours talking to my sister and got a wonderful email from Grandy, which I haven't had a chance to answer since Eli and then Sissy have been ill! That night, Matt surprised me with Small Fries for dinner, and then sent me to the bookstore. Sure we probably should have saved that money, but we'll be alright, especially since he'll be getting a paycheck soon. 

The funniest thing about Wednesday was that as usual, I baked my own cake. It's cool, I really don't mind although now a days, I only make a cake for the kids sake, and I couldn't let them down! Well, I started to make cupcakes, but forgot that I only have one muffin tin! And then, when I went to pour the rest of the batter into a pan, I honestly didn't realize I was using a 9x13 until I finished scraping the rest into it! Instead of just wasting the rest, I actually poured the batter from the paper muffin liners into the pan! It was hilarious and the kids enjoyed laughing uproariously at me and my blunder! So glad I could make their day!

Well, I hope your week was just as happy as ours. 

Smoochies ya'll!

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