Saturday, September 20, 2008

And the story continues!

I am on a role, let me tell you! First it was the lasagna (had some of the leftover for lunch... still as marvelous as Thursday night!), and tonight, I made super fajitas. Actually they were more like a burrito than a fajita, but that's just a technicality. We'll just call them Fajita Burritos. Works for me! :p

Anyway, today, I was looking in my fridge, thinking it might have to be left over night when I spied a foil wrapped flank steak. Wednesday, I had pulled a flank steak out so it could thaw for Friday, but Friday, Matt surprised us with dinner at KFC. Matt doesn't volunteer fried chicken or KFC very often and the rest of us LOVE fried chicken. Needless to say the flank steak in the fridge was forgotten and we were all dressed with shoes and coats before Matt had even finished his shower.

Oops! See, I have a habit of planning meals two nights ahead of schedule so I can put the frozen food in the fridge for a day or two to thaw out. Sometimes if the piece of meat is big enough it takes at least two days to thaw. And sometimes, I forget I've pulled a particularly large piece of meat out and end up having to throw it out. But today, lucky for me, I remembered the flank steak before it spoiled. 

Now the tough job of deciding what to do with this flank steak lay before me. Eli came into the kitchen while I was unwrapping the meat and he pouted as he informed me: 

"I was just coming in here and was gonna ask for quesadillas for dinner today."

Now let me tell you something about Eli. There are four foods that you can prepare that Eli is guaranteed to eat:


You can make any of those four dishes and he will eat them, regardless of when the last time he ate them was. In fact, Eli can pack away 5 or 6 tacos in one sitting, and the last time I made fish-sticks, he ate almost 27 of them all on his own.

Since I wanted Eli to eat something, I decided I would make fajita burritos for Matt and me and make the kids chicken quesadillas. I have PLENTY of chicken in the freezer and it would take the same amount of time to oven bake the chicken as it would to grill the flank steak. 

"OK Eli, I'll make you a deal. I'll make you and Sissy Chicken Quesadillas and Mommy and Daddy will have Fajita Burritos. What do ya say?"

I assumed that the happy dance he did as he squealed his way back into the living room was a yes. Wouldn't you? :p

Yay! Dinner was planned! And then, I got this wonderful idea to make a black bean creamy salsa that I saw on a Food Network show the other day. I had to go to the store for flour tortillas anyhow, so why not? 

I'm gonna cut this short, since my last post was a mile long, but I have to say.... WOW!!!! I couldn't find all the ingredients for my salsa, but I improvised and it came out great. Best part? Eli tasted it and asked for a burrito instead of his quesadilla, as long as I made it just like Daddy's. Now, Eli often says that, but then decides against eating whatever it is. But today... He ate almost half of his burrito. Quite a feat if you consider the fact that the fajita burrito was too big for him to hold!

And Matt? Always loves fajitas, always loves when I make them. But today? Hehehe... 1 fajita burrito and he was stuffed, raving about it the entire time he ate. And he asked if there was enough to save some for him for work tomorrow night. :) 

I guess that little prayer is still working... even the PS part about Eli eating more foods. :P

Happy Weekend everyone!

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