Sunday, September 28, 2008

All growed up!

You know, somedays I start typing my blog with a great idea in my head of what I want to say or some kind of story I want to share. It usually has to do with what ever picture I've taken that day, or something my kids have said or done that I want to share. And then there are the days I want to celebrate. The days the thoughts flow from me to this blog are great. Awesome. I can't wait for those days! There are the days where I start to type, don't like the direction my words are going and I delete some things here, add some there, even after I've published it... And the blog keeps on going.

And then there are days like today.... I didn't have any pictures, but I had an amazing idea and so I sat down to write. And nothing happened. The idea that had me propelling myself from my couch and the book I was reading has totally disappeared. I have been staring at my title that I popped in there so that I wouldn't forget what I was writing about for almost an hour.... AND I STILL CAN'T REMEMBER! 

It's rather annoying, because the idea was enough to make me put down a book. Not something done very easily. And instead of walking away from my computer because I couldn't remember what I was gonna say, I'm being weird and typing because I forgot what I was gonna say. I just wanted to make sure ya'll had something to read this morning. (Or afternoon, whatever the case may be.) But then, those of you who know me... well I guess this blog post won't be to weird after all cause don't I do this a lot when I talk? Forget what I want to say and then I go on and on about forgetting what I was going to say? Hmmmmmmm.....

Anyway! I guess I'll end by telling you guys what weird and unusual holiday I found for today. I got a couple real doozies! It's Ask a Stupid Question Day; Drink A Beer Day (I think this makes it one of Matt's favorite days!); and are you ready for this? Fish Tank Floorshow Night. For real! BUT!!!!! It's also National Good Neighbor Day. I'll have to remember that next year and not blare my stereo at 9 AM... :)

OOO and PS... I sorta remembered my idea.... It was the fact that my little girl is really growing up. The other day (well, its actually been almost two weeks now) we were driving in the car and she noticed her little brother was sleeping peacefully in the backseat. She took advantage of one of the few times he wasn't aware of the conversation and said to Matt and I:

"Mom, Dad.... I think it's time I know the truth."

If you can imagine poor Matt... his face suddenly drained of all color, his hands gripped the wheel, knuckles white, and he looked at me with this look of total fear. You could see it in his face. He thought she was gonna ask about.... yeah.... our baby girl. Asking about grown up stuff. Our baby girl who still believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny and.... It literally had him teary eyed.

"Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy... You guys are all them, aren't you? They aren't really real, are they?"

I've never heard a more relieved and heartfelt, "Oh, Thank You God!" from Matt before in my life. Get ready world... Elizabeth is really growing up fast. Should I tell Matt that she and I have already started that discussion and have decided to take it in stages? Nah...


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