Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sometimes I wish I had a hole!

My mom had some funny sayings when we were growing up. And lately I've been catching my self saying them. 

Some of her favoroties:

*If you two don't settle down, I'm gonna sell you to the first gypsy I see wearing a red bandana with big hope earrings! (Wouldn't you know that one time she said that and not 2 minutes later, a really tall african-american woman with a red bandana and huge hope earrings walked past us? We straightened up, and when Mama saw why, she laughed. Now, my friend Tami and I have a code... all we have to do to describe the level of irritation our children have brought us to is say one word: GYPSEY! )

*I'm gonna hang you by your toes to the ceiling fan with fishing line! (I use this one a lot and as it was with my sister and me, it never works cause we don't have a ceiling fan. Growing up, when we finally had one, she stopped using that line.)

*(After picking up the phone...) Mom? Remember when Sarah, Dorlo, and I were kids and we used to... (fill in the blank)? I'm so sorry we did that. (I don't know if she really called Grandma each and every time we did something bad. I know she did at least once a week, cause we got to talk to Grandma and Grandpa. The simple thought that she was telling Grandma we had done something bad was enough.  And sometimes down right funny. But we usually stopped what we were doing so Grandma wouldn't fuss at us.)

*One of these days, I'm going to dig myself a hole climb in and throw all forms of ID out and cease to exist. (This one didn't alway pertain to how Amber and I were behaving. And a couple time she would shake her wallet with this one to emphasize how serious she was. This is also my personal favorite one right now.)

Today, I wish I had a hole. It's only 11:45 but believe me it's shaping up to be one of those days. And the sad part is it should be a good day. Matt has the next 10 days off. We aren't planning any major trip or anything. Just a day trip to visit his parents and in a few hours we're gonna head into Seattle. I should be happy. I  love doing things like this. But instead, I'm ready to start digging a whole to climb into. It's just been one of those days. And I promise by the 31st, I'll be ready to strangle both kids and hubby, so I'll be using one or two of Mama's favorite sayings. But Matt is determined to make it a happy day.

And now.... I'm off to go to Seattle with my family. We're going to look at man skirts for Matt. He wants a Utilikilt. (We keep having the skirt/kilt argument. I am sticking with the fact that it's a skirt, even if it is a man skirt.) They changed the dress code at work, and it now says they have to wear slacks or skirts. Just a note: If you work for corporate America and are responsible for writing the dress code, be specific as to the who when you say Slacks and Skirts. Matt ain't the only one out there who thinks like this. You would be surprised at how many people do.

On a different note, our Holidays!!! Poets Day, Distilled Water Day, and most importantly, National Senior Citizen's Day! You can learn a lot from a conversation with any one of our senior citizens. Even if the lesson you take away is to live life to the fullest. :) 


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