Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is my POTD4M from yesterday. The kids were taking advantage of the last sunny day we're expected to have this week, and I sent Matt out to get some shots. The weather has prompted so many people to do yard work and cutting grass. That to the regular pollen allergies I deal with, and the musty stuff the river is stiring up and my sinus headache turned migrain.

I'll add today's POTD4M sometime after the kids get home from school. So far all I've done camera wise today is take a few pictures of scrapbook layouts I've done for my 100 Page Dash from my Stash challenge from my message board. And since they are of Matt, who made me promise to run any posted layouts before him first, I gotta wait til later. :)

Today is Strawberry Picking Day. Yay! I wonder if our field is open yet? Hmmmm OOOO And go buy your lottery tickets too! It's also Be a Millionare Day! I could deal with that!


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